Breeding for organic production

The European Consortium for Organic Animal Breeding (Eco-AB) is a network
for researchers studying breeding for organic production (

Together with the IFOAM Animal Husbandry Alliance (IAHA) wethey have
established a *discussion forum on animal breeding for organic farming.*

To stimulate the discussion they have raised the following questions:

– Does organic farming need a breeding system within the organic
production chain and based on organic principles, for animal welfare
– Is organic breeding including selection of animals under organic
circumstances a must In order to minimize effects of GxE?
– Should the use of native breeds be stimulated, since such animals fit
the local environments?
– Does artificial reproduction increase the possibility to genetically
improve traits especially important for organic production, e.g. health
– Should the use of breeding animals resulting from Embryo Transfer (ET)
be forbidden since these techniques are forbidden at organic farms?
– Should organic breeding standards be introduced in the legislation
– Are the techniques used to produce breeding animals of less importance
(what matters is the animals’ breeding values for organic production)?

To influence the future of organic animal production, send an email to and write that you want to join the discussion group on
animal breeding. You will then receive a password that gives access to the
web page. Log in, read, think and give your comments.  The discussions will
be summarized and presented at the IFOAM Organic World Congress in Istanbul
in October.

To be able to do that, they need your input *before October 1, 2014.*

If you already have a password you can enter the discussion group site of

See for more information about the IFOAM congress, and for
information about IAHA.

Lotta Rydhmer
Dept Animal Breeding and Genetics
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU
Future Agriculture:
Mistra Biotech:


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